In 2021, from February 27, the Sea and Mountain season will resume with stays of one week departing from Tromsø.

For a month and a half, we will sail from one fjord to another, around the Lyngen Alps to allow you to explore its slopes and peaks.

The opportunity to get away from it all and surpass yourself in an exceptional environment. A true paradise for lovers of nature and ski touring. It is also a place regularly classified among the world best place for ski touring.

But where are the Lyngen Alps? And what does it look like?

It is a massif in the Scandinavian Alps, east of Tromsø, above the Arctic Circle. It is bordered on the west by the Ullsfjorden and on the east by the Lyngen fjord.

You will find here a small infographic presenting a map to better understand this environment. We have added some remarkable points of view.

If you want more information on the stays we offer, you can consult our dedicated page.

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Escales Polaires Team