In brief

-Stay open to individuals or Boat is chartered
: from November to December
-Duration: 7 days
-Arrival/Departure: Longyearbyen
-Guest number
: 12
Aurore boreale

Week-long stays near Tromsø, in northern Norway. We are on the 70 ° North parallel, about 450km north of the Arctic Circle.

At that time, it was the herring that came to spawn in this fjord. As a result, orcas and humpback whales come to feast on this abundant food.

Mammals are therefore often in the same area, close to the surface and not in movement, which allows exceptional observations.

Piguargue eagles, dolphins and porpoises are also very active during this period.
Depending on the success of the observations or depending on the weather, we will have the opportunity to go to the very typical port of Hamnes, a former 19th century fishing center, still in operation. The panorama of the famous Lyngen Alps is really worth the detour.

Always in full board on the boat, we will go every day to the places of observation of mammals.
At night, it is the Northern Lights that we can contemplate when the sky is clear. It turns out that Tromsø is ideally placed for the observation of this exceptional phenomenon.

Day 1: Arrival in Tromso at the beginning of the afternoon, embarkation on an express catamaran (see the section “Organization of the stay”, to join our boat in Skjervoy. Embarkation at the end of the afternoon. Dinner and overnight on board

Day 2 to 7: We set off after breakfast, start looking for local fauna in the grandiose landscapes of the fjords.

The killer whales feed there in schools of fish, especially herring, which have deserted the Lofoten for a few years to stay in this region in winter following changes in the currents linked to the climate. Besides the killer whales, sightings of megapters or humpback whales are also regular, and their fishing in the swarms of seagulls, gulls and petrels offer a wild and unique spectacle. White-tailed eagles and dolphins are also present during this period.

The landscapes of the fjords offer the opportunity for photos with unique lights. Depending on our route, we will stop in small ports to stretch our legs for a visit.
The evenings are an opportunity to stay on the lookout for dawn in bays where the view embraces the sky far from light pollution.
During the stay, the zodiac will allow us to approach cetaceans if the sea conditions allow it for closer photos.

Day 8: Disembarkation in Skjervoy after breakfast, return to Tromso by express catamaran and return flight.

You will have to book by yourself your flight to Tromsø and your transport to Skjervøy (on the island of Kågen / Skjervøya) where the boat will be waiting for you.

Between Tromsø and Skjervøy, there is a “fast catamaran” and the famous Norwegian Coastal Express. (When you get off the plane> taxi> Express Coastal terminal for Skjervøy> We welcome you on board).

On the way back, the fast catamaran sets sail from Skjervøy in the morning to drop you off in Tromsø. Depending on the time of your flight, there is the option of taking the Coastal Express on Monday evening at 7.45pm to be in Tromsø around 11.45pm where you will have to spend one night at the hotel, for a Tuesday morning flight to at your house.

If your stay on our boat is part of a longer trip to the region, you can also reach us in Skjervøy by car.

Of course we can inform you about the possibilities that exist.
Do not hesitate to ask us questions.