In brief

-Boat is chartered
: from February to April
-Duration: 7 days
-Arrival/Departure: Tromsø
-Guest number
: 12
Ski de randonnée- descente skieurs

This unusual “Sea & Mountain” formula is the realization of a project to which we have been attached for many years: marrying Sea and Mountain, two fascinating worlds, so different, so close …

The boat is a traveling “luxury” refuge that you charter and which drops you off every day at the foot of a race that you select. We sail about 3 hours a day, exclusively in the interior of the fjords.

Since 1997 we have been working in the Lyngen Alps near Tromsø, which we now know better than anyone. The guides tested around thirty races, crossing, looping or returning, the boat allowing them to access the most isolated sites. The experience thus acquired allows us to offer a service highly appreciated by all guides. We have always had with them a common concern for Quality and Seriousness.

Our stays begin, depending on the air, on Saturday evening and end the same day in the morning, the following week. This saves you expensive hotel nights in Oslo or Tromsø. On board you are in full board: Sportsman’s breakfast, copious salty / sweet snack on return from the race, dinner in the evening (each one having his own habits, you must take care of your energy rations for the races during the stay).

From Tromsø, the trips take place around the mountain range of the “Lyngen Alps” between Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord as well as in the surrounding islands.

You embark in the evening at 7:00 p.m. when you arrive from the plane. Dinner and first night on board. We set sail the same evening or the next morning. You are on skis from Sunday morning, for your first race.

After each race, the boat sets sail for a new site. This little navigation takes place in the fjords. The sea is there, in principle, calm. It is a privileged moment to relax at your convenience: take a hot shower, rest in your cabin, watch a video, enjoy the library, meet in the saloon, listen to music or, on the deck, fishing for cod or taking pictures …
Every evening we stop. To be quieter and make the most of the surrounding view, we are usually at anchor. Depending on many parameters (weather, sea conditions, snow cover, group dynamics …), guides and captain work together for the next day’s race and choose from among the 30 possibilities, including several crossings (difference in level between 800 and 1800 meters).

In the morning, we go with the boat to the foot of the route chosen by the guide, to drop you off with the annex.
Our 6m rigid dinghy equipped with a 4m gangway on the front, allows you to land really dry feet every day.
We return to Tromsø the night before your departure. This can be the opportunity to have dinner in town to taste some Norwegian specialties such as seal, whale, reindeer, fish …

After a last night on board you disembark after breakfast to take the return plane.

On board a boat specially equipped for this activity, the guide has an infrastructure and experience that will allow him to make the most of his stay:

-Local maps, available for consultation
-A GPS with routes recorded by the guides,
-spare equipment if necessary (skis, poles, crampons, radio, rope, harness, compass, etc.),
-Information on each race, provided by more than a hundred guides,
-A permanent radio watch of the boat to deal with any program change and for safety,
-A well-trained crew (captain, cook, hostess) who provide a highly appreciated service …

All these elements are a precious help to the guide for the realization of his stay.

For safety reasons, groups must be accompanied by a “high mountain guide” or a qualified person (ski instructor, supervisor).