Our approach

A fantastic trip on a "human size vessel"

This trip is for anyone wishing to discover the polar environment with its fauna. Wildlife photographers, ornithologists, naturalists, will find their account even if it is not a specific theme stay.

A maximum group of 12 people promoting conviviality and friendship. A boat whose size guarantees both the comfort necessary to evolve pleasantly in this sometimes hostile universe and the flexibility of use essential to "sneak in and approach".

We differentiate ourselves from the bigger boats by our availability and our flexibility to seize the opportunities to transform them into beautiful observations : Whatever the hour of the day or the "night", whatever the time that it is necessary to devote to it, the priority is to make good local observations. We can devote hours to the follow-up and the observation of a bear, we can put the zodiac in the water at 2 am to go to see up close, a fox in the midnight sun ...

This difference is much appreciated by photographers, ornithologists and naturalists. It is the key to a rich stay.

You wrap it all in a friendly, almost family atmosphere and you have there, the whole spirit of our stays.

Our hosts love to sail with us on the one hand, to understand this polar environment in a spirit that stands out from the classic organized trip, and on the other hand to benefit from the unique experience of the crew…

So we don't have an unchanging "day to day", but rather a common thread and number of goals that we strive to achieve to meet your expectations. Each day, depending on the ice conditions, the weather, we will make you enjoy the best that Nature can offer us and take you to the most beautiful sites that we have discovered over the years.

For animal observations

With our experience and our local knowledge, we will seize all the opportunities that will be offered to us during our journey to the North Coast and the ice floes.
Our 25 years of field experience will be essential...

This "philosophy", with no programmed tomorrow, requires that you allow yourself to be carried away by the course of the stay by granting us your confidence...

However, rest assured, we are most likely the only Spitsbergen boat which all the passengers who came on board were able to observe the lord of the place : the polar bear...

séjour polaire : skier en bateau

We are here to share our passion with you and respond to your curiosity.

There are no binding tasks on board.
Just come with your good humor…

Organisation and experience !

Since 1995, “Discovery Cruises” in Spitsbergen
as well as stays “Sea & Mountain”
ski touring in northern Norway


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