Spitzberg in 2 words

Thanks to the warm current of the "Gulf Stream", Spitsbergen is the most northerly land a boat can reach in open waters. We are at the latitude of North Greenland. From then on, we immerse ourselves in a truly polar universe:

Its fauna : Bear - whale - walrus - reindeer - seal - arctic fox - thousands of birds - belouga…

An atypical flora : 120 species of flowers and mosses.

A polar environment "placed on top of the world" : Glaciers - ice floes - permanent day - a very old and varied geology ...

A story : A recent discovery 1596 - The great whaling in the 17th century - Departure of numerous expeditions en route to the conquest of the North Pole - trappers.

A climate : Relatively mild (between 5 ° and 10 °) but very dry as in the mountains, therefore easily bearable. And don't forget that the boat is heated to 18 °.

Le Spitzberg en 2 mots

Add to that landscapes of great beauty and everything is there to make Spitsbergen a "polar garden" that we invite you to come and discover with us.

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Since 1995, “Discovery Cruises” in Spitsbergen
as well as stays “Sea & Mountain”
ski touring in northern Norway


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