Orcas, Whales, Northern Lights

In November 2020, we will be offering observation trips for "Orcas, Whales and Northern Lights" in Norway.

One week stays near Tromsø, in the north of Norway. We are on the 70 ° North parallel, about 450km north of the Arctic Circle.

At that time, herring spawned in this fjord. As a result, orcas and humpback whales come to feast on this abundant food.
Mammals are therefore often in the same given area, close to the surface and not on the move, which allows exceptional observations.

Always full board on the boat, we will go every day to the places of mammal observation.
At night, it is the northern lights that we can contemplate when the sky is clear.

You are a group of 12 people maximum, accommodated in cabins of 2 with sink.

See webpage Boats.

The precise dates are being defined. The stay open to individuals will be around mid November.
The stays will take place from Tuesday evening to Tuesday morning (Tuesday is the routing day for you).


1 950€ per week all inclusive

We are not a travel agency. You are here on the site of "the craftsman" who will be with you on the boat.
We are therefore not entitled to sell you other services than ours on the boat.
You therefore remain the organizer of your trip. You will have to book by yourself your air to Tromso and your route to Skjervoy where the boat will meet you.
Of course we can advise you on the best options and times.

Do not hesitate to question us.

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