Mountains and sea

Norway is the country for skiing in all shapes and forms. No reference to this Nordic country would be complete without talking about the fjords. Fjords are ancient glacial valleys filled in by the sea. They cover the whole length of the coast.

In Norway, the mountains run down into the sea. Sea and mountains merge! Few countries are privileged enough to combine both natural environments in such a picturesque way.
We have decided to organise our trips above the arctic circle (in Lapland). You fly into TROMSØ, Norway’s southern capital. You can pay a visit to the polar museum.

Our Nordic treks take place in the "Lyngen mountain range", an 80 km long peninsula formed by mountains (altitude up to 1833 m) and glaciers.

Due to the effects of the Gulf-Stream, temperatures in the region vary from –10° to +10° from the start of March to mid-May. However, the latitude (70° North) means that as soon as you move away from the "warm" sea, and gain in altitude, conditions are in fact similar to what you might find at 3000m in the Alps. Glaciers, low temperatures and an extraordinary atmosphere ! ! All in the space of a 4/5 hour long course.

Rando ski en Norvège avec Escales Polaires

There is no ideal period as such, each having its own particular charm. From February to the end of March, aurora borealis can be observed in the Norwegian sky. From mid-April, daylight is permanent. Theoretically, temperatures evolve constantly.
At the start of the season, it can be really cold indeed at altitude. Sunlight is very unpredictable. From February to May, anything is possible.

La mer et la voile au Spitsberg

After each course, the boat gets underway for a new site. We sail in the fjords where the sea is generally calm. Perfect for relaxing. Time to take a nice hot shower, rest down below, watch a film, read, chat in the saloon, listen to music or fish for cod or take photos up on deck.

What characterises the site : THE SEA… THE BOAT…
Snow which is often of good quality from top to bottom as it is very cold.
Alpine conditions from an altitude of 1000m.
Unique panorama.
Stunning courses…

A site highly appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of wild nature…
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Mountains and sea

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