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The season runs from mid-February to mid-May.

The boat is a "luxury" mobile refuge. Each day you will disembark at the start of a selected course. We sail for about 3 hours a day, exclusively within the fjords.

Séjour ski de randonnée mer et montagne

Since 1997 we have been working in the Lyngen mountain range near to Tromsø. No-one is more familiar with this range than we are. We have tested thirty or so courses, going across them, circling them or doing a simple round trip there and back. The boat gives us access to the most isolated sites.

We do not just content ourselves with "transporting" you. We offer "turnkey" trips. The guide does not need to prepare anything in advance. We are used to the day to day organisation required by this type of trip.

On board a boat specially fitted out for this type of activity, the guide has everything he needs to make the trip a success:

  • Local maps,
  • a GPS with all of the routes pre-registered and "validated" by guides,
  • spare equipment if necessary (skis, sticks, crampons, radio, ropes, harness, compass…),
  • Bernard Audrezet has excellent knowledge of each course,
  • boat permanently on radio watch in order to be able to react to any change in programme and for safety reasons,
  • the crew is perfectly run-in (captain, cook, hostess). The service provided is highly appreciated…

The trip in detail

Depending of the plane's shedule, our trips start on Friday or Saturday evening and end on the same day the week after on morning, thereby avoiding hotel expenses in Oslo or Tromso.

Setting out from Tromsø, the trips take place in the "Lyngen mountain range" between Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord as well as in the nearby islands.

You fly in and arrive on board the boat at 19h00. Dinner and first night on board. We generally get underway next morning. Three hours later you are on your skis ready to attack your first course.

Full board on the boat, with a breakfast worthy of the sporting activity you are about to undertake, followed by savoury and sweet snack upon your return aboard. Dinner in the evening. (Everyone has different habits and you take care of the energy rations for the courses during the trip).

Every night we make a stop-over every night. Most of the time we berth alongside a small wooden pontoon. In the evening you are free to leave the boat and explore ashore. We sometimes spend the night at anchor.

The following morning, this is your departure point. Or if we have been on anchor, we will take you to the start of the itinerary we have decided upon by RIB.

Each evening, captain and guide get together to analyse the various factors which have to be taken into consideration - weather, snow, group dynamics, to decide upon the course for the following day. There are among 30 routes to chose from, including several traverses (relative altitude between 800 and 1800 metres).

Bernard Audrezet experience in managing this type of activity is extremely useful. (Only the sailing yacht "Southern Star" is unable to enter into Sørfjord, the restriction arising as a result of mast height and the presence of overhead electricity lines. The highest summit, the "Jiehkkevarri" is just here).

We return to Tromsø the evening before your depature day after the last course. An ideal opportunity go out to dinner and try a Norwegian speciality such as seal, whale, deer or fish.

After having spent a night on board and took last breakfast, you leave the boat and head for the airport.

Skier en bateau dans les alpes de lingens : Norvège

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