Spitsbergen is a privileged place for the observation of certainspecies of birds and polar animals. Whether you have a guide or not, let us know what observations you want to make andwe take care of taking you to the best sites, of locating animals there, of approaching them with you and while you're watching at leisure we keep you safe.

On board, in order to fully succeed your stay, the program will be the subject of consultation between the group representative and the captain. It is always the latter who will decide on the progress of the stages according to your aspirations, his experience in managing them and the many parameters for which he is responsible.

Weregularly land ashorefor certain observations. Others are done from the boat or the tender. In both cases we are positioned very low, at the level of the animal.

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In all cases you can refer to the page "Course of the stay", of our "Discovery" stays, whose spirit and sites remain the same.

The section "Our stays" → "Discovery stays in Spitsbergen" → "Practical information - Skills" also applies to this type of stay.

Stays Photos

Same principle for photo stays: Our small boat and its flexibility of use make it possible to adapt to the lighting or sunshine conditions of a place. If necessary we can wait or come back to a site.


  • Dwarf Mergule
  • Senator Gull (ivory gull)
  • Sabine's seagull
  • Phalarope à bec large
  • Catmarine diving
  • Purple and variable sandpiper...


  • Polar bear
  • Morse
  • Seal
  • Arctic fox
  • Wild reindeer...
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