Who are-we ?

Bernard Audrezet

Organisation and experience

We describe ourselves as artisans who have been developing “Discovery Cruises” in Spitzberg for more than 10 years. We also offer “Sea and Mountain” cross-country skiing in the north of Norway.

Bernard Audrezet is from the Finistère region of Brittany:
"After having spent 10 years on ocean-racing multihulls, I decided to satisfy my longtime passion for "the Great North" and to share it with others. Which is how "Escales Polaires" came into being. We are a small structure and wish to preserve the "confidential" dimension."

Quality and seriousness are our priorities.

After a season spent identifying suitable locations in Spitzberg in 1991, we were able to offer our first "Discovery Trips" in 1995. Since that time, as the seasons have passed, we have acquired the experience necessary to accompany you in your discovery and travels in this polar region which remains accessible.

In 1997 we organised our first Sea & Mountain trips (cross-country skiing based on a boat in Norway). Since then, with the help of guides, we are constantly improving the quality of our services and knowledge of the region.

Organisation and experience !

Since 1995, “Discovery Cruises” in Spitsbergen
as well as stays “Sea & Mountain”
ski touring in northern Norway

Quality and seriousness are our priorities

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