Sail and Hikes - 16th of September 2024


Sail and Hikes - 16th of September 2024



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An adventure in the heart of the majestic Lofoten Islands 

This cruise combines the elegance of a sea voyage with the excitement of daily hikes, allowing you to discover the wonders of this unspoilt little paradise.

Lofoten, famous for its rugged mountains plunging into the azure sea, will become the scene of your adventure, and each day will bring a new exploration, a new breathtaking hike.

During this traveling cruise, you will discover the hidden secrets of picturesque fishing villages, sail through majestic fjords and walk on secluded beaches. Each day we will guide you through carefully selected itineraries, offering a great balance between maritime exploration and land-based escapades.

Geographic location

We are on the 69° north parallel, approximately 300km north of the polar circle.

The archipelago extends over a distance of approximately 150 km in length. It is located about fifty km west of the coast of mainland Norway.

Main islands: Austvågøya, Gimsøya, Vestvågøya, Flakstadøya, Moskenesøya, Værøy, Røstlandet

Area of the archipelago: 1227km²

Steep reliefs plunging into the sea

 Our boat, much more than a means of transport, will become your comfortable refuge after a day of adventure. Imagine yourself drifting peacefully between the jagged peaks, the gentle waves lulling your dreams before you wake up for a new day of exploration.

Join us aboard this unforgettable cruise, where discovering Lofoten becomes an immersive experience, combining the intimacy of a small craft with the vast horizons of these exceptional Nordic islands. Prepare to experience a week full of natural beauty, shared friendship and adventures that will mark your memories forever. 

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Lofoten

Among the steep peaks

And observe the spectacle of the Northern Lights

In detail

Physical condition of participants

  • On land you have to consider that the walking is at a good level. 
  • We are on a modest-sized boat that is sometimes shaken. On board, you have to take steep stairs, the cabins are equipped with bunk beds. 
  • We therefore emphasize the importance of everyone having a minimum physical condition (being able to climb a 3m vertical ladder is a good benchmark)

Here is “the common thread” of the stay with its various objectives and an example of possibilities:

  • Day 1:Embarkation in Svolvær
    • Afternoon: Arrivée à Svolvær, boarding. Briefing on the cruise, meeting the crew, and exploring the boat.
    • Evening: Dinner on board and navigation to the first location.
  • Day 2: Sailing to Trollfjord and Hiking to Stokkvika
    • Morning: Cruise to Trollfjord, observation of marine fauna.rine.
    • Afternoon: Hike to Stokkvika to enjoy the wild nature.
  • Day 3: Cruise to Henningsvær and Exploration
    • Morning: Navigation to Henningsvær, visit to the picturesque village.
    • Afternoon: Free time to explore Henningsvær at your own pace.
  • Day 4: Cruise to Reine and Hike to Reinebringez
    • Morning: Cruise to Reine, one of the most beautiful villages in Lofoten..
    • Afternoon: Hike to Reinebringen for exceptional panoramic views.
  • Day 5:Cruise to Å and Hike to Tindstinden
    • Morning: Sailing to Å, the southernmost point of Lofoten.
    • Afternoon: Hike to Tindstinden for unforgettable panoramic views.
  • Day 6: Sailing to Nusfjord and Excursion
    • Morning: Sailing to Nusfjord
    • Afternoon: Shore excursion, visit to Nusfjord and coastal hike.
    • Soirée: Dîner à bord et nuit au mouillage.
  • Day 7: Return to Svolvaer and visit
    • Morning: Return to Svolvaer
    • Afternoon: City tour
    • Evening: Farewell dinner.
  • Day 8: Disembarkation at Svolvær, in the morning after breakfast

Note: This program is an example and may be adjusted depending on weather conditions, passenger preferences, etc... 

  • Double cabin accommodation
  • Full board (drinks included and served with meals)
  • Supervision during your hikes


  • International flights
  • Transfers from Svolvaer Airport to the boarding platform on the outward and return journeys
  • Drinks outside of meals
  • Cancellation and repatriation insurance
  • Personal expenses when disembarking
  • Tips for the crew at the end of your stay (it takes €50 per person)


Date & Time
Monday, 16 September 2024
Start - 17:00 (UTC)
Monday, 23 September 2024
End - 07:00 (UTC)

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