Escales Polaires

Adventure Cruises in the Far North

Each season has its Adventure! 

Skiing in Lyngen Alps

From February to April, departing from Tromsø, 1 week in the Lyngen Alps. A perfect Sea & Mountain alliance!

Svalbard Expeditions

From May to September, departing from Longyearbyen, 11-day stays to discover the Arctic landscapes, fauna and flora.

Hiking in Lofoten

From September to October, departing from Svolvaer, 1 week of hiking within the archipelago with its steep peaks which flow into the sea

Orca and Whales Safari

In November, departing from Tromsø, come and observe killer whales and whales and watch the magnificent spectacle of the aurora borealis at night.

Our approach

The footprint we want to leave is an essential aspect of our approach. Like the imprint of the polar bear, we want this imprint to be unforgettable in your minds and to be as weak as possible on the environment in which we live.


Why choose us?

A polar boat at human size

By its modest size and its polar construction, “Isbjørn II” allows us to come into contact with the ice and to access the most “intimate” sites.

Convenience and comfort

12 guests, gathered on a warm and comfortable boat… for “confidential” stays.

A professional crew

All our sailors are professional sailors, passionate about the Far North and endowed with an excellent knowledge of the Arctic world.

Our objective?

Go beyond your expectations!

Come discover and observe a majestic and fragile nature, to better respect and protect it.

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