Our approach

The footprint we want to leave is an essential aspect of our approach. Like the imprint of the polar bear, we want this imprint to be unforgettable in your minds and to be as weak as possible on the environment in which we live.

On board you will be supervised by our crew members. Captain, sailor, cook or guide, we are all driven by a passion for the sea, the Arctic and adventure. We will have at heart to ensure you a comfortable, greedy, enriching stay and this in complete safety .

Whether it's during a ski touring raid, navigation in the fjords, an emotional moment when approaching a white bear in Spitsbergen, an orca leap, singing a humpback whale or an observation of the Northern lights we wish to make these moments unforgettable, in contact with a wild, sumptuous, fragile nature and therefore to be protected.

Welcome on board! You are at Escales Polaires!

The spirit of our stays

We differ from the biggest boats by our availability and our flexibility to seize opportunities to transform them into beautiful observations:

whatever the time of day or “night”, whatever the time that must be devoted to it, the priority is to make good local observations.
We can devote hours to tracking and observing a bear, we can put the zodiac in the water at 2 a.m. to see a fox up close in the midnight sun... ​

This difference is highly appreciated by photographers, ornithologists and naturalists. It is the key to a rich stay. You wrap it all in a friendly, almost family setting and you have there, all the spirit of our stays.

We therefore do not have an immutable “day to day”, but rather a common thread and a number of objectives that we strive to achieve in order to meet your expectations. Every day, depending on the ice conditions, the weather, we will make you enjoy the best that Nature can offer us and will take you to the most beautiful sites that we have discovered over the years.

This “philosophy”, with no scheduled future, requires that you let yourself be carried away by the progress of your trip to Spitsbergen by placing your trust in us…

We want to share our passion with you and respond to your curiosity.

Life on board

Toute notre attention est portée sur la qualité de votre séjour, de vos observations, et de votre confort à bord, dans une ambiance chaleureuse

Découvrez en images quelques "tranches de vie" de nos séjours


Une équipe de marins passionnés pour assurer la sécurité et la convivialité à bord.

Ils ont à cœur de partager avec vous leur passion et s'assurer de la réussite de votre séjour.

"Notre exigence est que chaque voyage soit pour vous une expérience unique et conviviale à bord d’un bateau à taille humaine. Après plus de 25 ans, l’objectif reste toujours le même : aller au-delà de vos attentes ! "

Le bateau

L'Isbjornen II

Ancien baliseur Groenlandais.

Un refuge sûr et confortable, adapté à la navigation dans les glaces. Des cabines confortables, une bonne table et des équipements adaptés à vos expéditions