Isfjorden Adventure - 24 th of july 2023

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All inclusive

First discoveries of Spitsbergen

This stay is for those who want to have a first immersive experience in Spitsbergen over a week, setting out to discover a fjord rich in landscapes, fauna and history like no other: the Isfjord.

The Isfjord is the largest fjord on the west coast of the archipelago, with its 105 km long and 12 km wide at the entrance, followed by an extensive branching system, leading to other larger fjords. small. There are represented all aspects of the geography, geology and biology of Svalbard.

A cruise in the Isfjord

the entrance to the Isfjord is bounded to the west by the Alkhornet to the north with its bird cliffs and the Kapp Linné to the south, from which the buildings of the Isfjord Radio emerge. We then find a whole complex of fjords and secondary bays where glaciers, valleys and bare mountains follow one another.

Our navigation area(Norwegian Polar Institute)

In terms of nature, the Isfjord occupies a special place and it alone deserves a dedicated stay. In many ways this fjord is a fertile oasis in an austere environment. This is due both to a favorable climate and to the abundance of nutrients for the fauna and flora.

In the Isfjord the cultural heritage is rich and the historical sites numerous. All the periods marking the history of Svalbard are represented there, from the whaling sites, through the huts of trappers and hunters, traces of past scientific expeditions or even mining exploration.

Some precisions

What is  included
  • Full pension onboard*
  • Arctic captain aperitf
  • Dinghy cruises
  • Land Trips
  • Nautical activities
  • Search& Rescue insurance

* Wine is served onboard during our Spitsbergen cruises. You are free to bring your personal alcohols (we not charge corkage). Onboard beers are offered for sale.

  • Flight and other transport tickets
  • Transfer airport <->port
  • Travel and trip cancellation insurance

TO NOTE: We do not provide towels and there is no laundry service during stays.

This trip to Spitsbergen, accessible to all, is a succession of navigation and excursion phases. Every day, we accompany you ashore to discover a special feature. Then, navigation for a few hours, always along the coast, for the pleasure of the eyes.

Most often, we spend the “night” at anchor, to take the time to “soak up”. This can be the occasion for an outing under the midnight sun, in a zodiac or on land...

Here is “the common thread” of the stay with its various objectives and possibilities:

  • Approach multiple ground nesting sites
  • Sightings of wild reindeer
  • Sightings of arctic foxes
  • Search for whales, belugas
  • Observations of flowers and mosses
  • Research and observation of polar bears
  • Approach to several glacier fronts 
  • Visit to notable cultural heritage sites

Physical condition of participants

  • We are on a modest sized boat which is sometimes shaken. On board, you have to take steep stairs, the cabins are equipped with superimposed berths.
  • On land, it must be considered that the walk is of a “difficult” level. Indeed no paths, and most often more or less stable scree, holes, sometimes snow or spongy soils..
  • In the event of a bear encounter on land, rapid repatriation to the zodiac may be necessary.
  • All this to emphasize the importance of everyone having a minimum physical condition (being able to climb a 3m vertical ladder is a good benchmark))

Possible consequences

  • On a walk on land, the presence of bears forces us to stay together. People who have difficulty moving on rough terrain will delay the group and limit the range of action and therefore the observations.
  • If a person falls on land or on board, it will probably be necessary to return to Longyearbyen, which would compromise the smooth running of your cruise
  • ​If in doubt, the captain should travel to Longyearbyen for the person to be examined. It is his responsibility and no one can oppose his decision. Ditto in case of particular drug treatment problem, or allergic reaction to food

In summary, registering a person who has difficulty moving around in difficult terrain represents risk-taking for the course of the stay of other passengers. For our part, we do not want to be exposed to this kind of risk and ask you, in the interest of all, to respect these safety instructions by being attentive to the physical level of each one.

Date & Time
Monday July 24, 2023
Start - 12:00 (UTC)
Saturday July 29, 2023
End - 20:00 (UTC)

Port of Longyearbyen

Postboks 350
9170 Longyearbyen
--Port of Longyearbyen--
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