Spitzbergen Discovery - 17th July 2024

Stay onboard Isbjornen II
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A unique adventure in the heart of the Arctic

This exceptional journey along the shores of the Svalbard archipelago is for anyone eager to explore the polar environment and its wildlife. 

With a maximum group size of 12 people, fostering camaraderie and friendship, our vessel offers both the comfort necessary to navigate pleasantly in this sometimes harsh environment and the flexibility required to "squeeze in and approach" with ease."

Sailing through the national parks of Spitsbergen

The Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, is located between the Arctic Ocean, the Greenland Sea, and the Barents Sea. During our stay, we will sail from Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard, to explore the treasures of the northwestern national parks of the archipelago for 11 days, reaching the fjord known as "Woodfjorden"

"Our navigation area (Image source: Eric Gaba/Wikipedia - modified for our needs by Polar Stops)"

"Amidst a unique fauna, flora, and environment"

Within details

This voyage to Spitsbergen, accessible to all, is a succession of sailing phases and excursions. Each day, we accompany you ashore to discover a particular feature. Then, a few hours of navigation, always along the coast, for the pleasure of the eyes. 

Most often, we spend the "night" at anchor, to take the time to "immerse ourselves." This could be an opportunity for a midnight sun outing, either by zodiac or on land...

During the trip, we will take care to avoid places like Ny Alesund or Barentsburg, which, due to excessive tourist traffic, are now very distant from the concept that led you to choose us

We don't have a strict itinerary but rather a "guiding thread" for the trip with its different sites:  

  • l'Isfjord
  • l'île du Prince Charles
  • Le fjord de St John
  • La baie du Roi : Tour complet de la baie en bateau.
  • La baie de la Croix
  • La baie de la Madeleine
  • Le Fjord de Smeerenburg
  • Les îles du nord ouest: Danskøya, Amsterdamøya
  • Les îles de Indre et Ytre Norskoya
  • Raudfjord: notamment la Baie d'Hamilton
  • St John Fjord
    King's bay
    Cross Bay
    Magdalena bay
    Smeerenburg Fjord
    Northwest islands: Danskøya, Amsterdamøya
    Inner and Outer Norskoya Islands
    Raudfjord: notably Hamilton Bay
    Woodfjord: Texas Bar, Monaco Glacier 

As well as various possibilities:

  • Cultural/Historical:
    • Visits to historical whaling sites or departure points for polar expeditions
    • Visit to a walrus graveyard – whale bones
    • Visit to a 17th-century whaler's cemetery.
    • Visits to old trapper camps. Cabins   

  • Wildlife Observation (on land or by zodiac):
    • Birds: puffins, guillemots, fulmars, eiders, ivory gulls, Arctic terns, etc
    • Observation of wild reindeer, Arctic foxes
    • Polar bear observation
    • Observation of isolated or colony walruses
    • Whale and beluga whale watching (most often from July onwards)                                      

  • Observation of flora, environment:
    • Approach and observation of several glaciers (approach to icebergs) along the west and north coasts.
    • Observations of flowers and mosses (depending on the season)
    • Midnight sun
    • Symbolic crossing of the 80th parallel north (depending on ice conditions).

The last day is dedicated to visiting Longyearbyen, a mining village transforming into a town. Polar museum, gallery (arts – slideshow – old maps...), souvenir shops....

Skills and Safety

Participants' Physical Condition

  • We are on a moderately sized boat. Onboard, there are steep stairs to navigate, and the cabins are equipped with bunk beds.
  • On land, there are no established paths, and most often, there are rocky terrain with varying degrees of stability, holes, occasional snow, or spongy ground.
  • In the event of encountering a bear on land, a rapid return to the Zodiac may be necessary..

We, therefore, emphasize the importance for everyone to have a minimum level of physical fitness (being able to climb a vertical ladder of 3 meters is a good benchmark).

Date & Time
Thursday July 18, 2024
Start - 19:00 (Europe/Paris)
Monday July 29, 2024
End - 09:00 (Europe/Paris)

Port of Longyearbyen

Postboks 350
9170 Longyearbyen
--Port of Longyearbyen--
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